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Equity of Health Care for Māori: A framework This Ministry of Health document guides health practitioners, health organisations and the health system to achieve equitable health care for Māori.

Board of Directors/Chairman

MANAIA HEALTH PHO BOARD: Dr Andrew Miller (Chair), Elizabeth Cassidy-Nelson, Olivia Nutley, Marie Tautari, Geoff Milner, Dr Cathy Hurd, Kim Fuller, Dr Melissa Gilbert, Janine Kaipo

Photo (from left to right): Donovan Clarke (CEO), Dr Melissa Gilbert, Geoff Milner, Dr Andrew Miller, Ken Orr (Board Advisor), Olivia Nutley, Dr Cathy Hurd, Kim Fuller, Marie Tautari, Janine Kaipo (Absent: Elizabeth Cassidy-Nelson)

About Us

Manaia Health PHO Ltd was established on 1 July 2003 and is a Primary Health Organisation within the Northland District Health Board. The company operates as a non-profit organisation and was registered as a charitable entity with the Charities Commission in February 2008, Charities registration number: CC21198.

Endorsed Practice Review Activities


We have successfully submitted applications for endorsement from the RNZCGP for practice review activities for allocation of MOPS credits as Continuous Quality Improvement Activities. Please see links below.

System Level Measures

The System Level Measures (SLM) framework aims to improve health outcomes for people by supporting District Health Boards to work in collaboration with health system partners (primary, community and hospital) using specific quality improvement measures.

SLMs focus on children, youth and reducing equity gaps for Maori and other population groups that consistently experience poor health outcomes. System Level Measures recognise that good health outcomes require health system partners to work together.

Quality/Professional Development

The Quality Improvement Framework identifies and defines the 4 Pillars of Clinical Governance, the IHI (Institute of Healthcare Improvement, US) Triple Aim framework adopted by the Health Quality and Safety Commission and the Child & Youth Health Compass Questionnaire tool, articulating the application to General Practice within Manaia Health PHO.  The framework has 3 levels and the practice self-assesses the level that it is currently operating at and makes goals that will move the team across a continuum of improvement.

Primary Healthcare Dietitians

Primary Health Care Dietitian

The aim of this service is:

To provide a comprehensive and culturally appropriate clinical dietetic service to meet the needs of patients enrolled with Manaia Health PHO.

The dietitians work with patients referred from General Practice and Maori health providers (Ki a Ora Ngati Wai and Ngati Hine Health Trust).

Involvement in health promotion activities and community development initiatives are also important components of the role. The Following Services are available:

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