Mary Carthew

Nurse Director, Primary Health Care (PHC)

Mary Carthew

Nurse Director: Primary Health Care

RN, PGDipHSc (Leadership in Health Practice); MHSc(Hons)


I am a primary health care nurse with experience working in public health and district nursing teams throughout the Auckland and Northland regions. Since the establishment of the Manaia Health PHO in 2003 I have been in a nurse leadership role, firstly as one of four Nursing Integration Leaders in Northland. The Nursing Integration Leadership roles were established and funded in response to recommendations implicit within the Primary Health Care Strategy (2001). The Strategy recognised the need for strong nursing leadership to ensure the work of nurses is maximised and valued, and to ensure the best health outcomes are achieved for the population we are charged to serve.  

Current role:

The role of Associate Director of Nursing, Primary Health Care was established in October 2011. The position is one of two aligned with the current PHO structure in Northland. The intent of the position is to partner nursing leadership between the Northland PHO and the Northland DHB by working strategically for the benefit of all nurses across Northland.


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Mobile: 021 2724072