Martin Brookes

Information Systems Facilitator

Martin Brookes
Information Systems Facilitator

Bachelor of Health Science
Bachelor of Applied Information Systems
I have worked as a Registered Nurse for six years in the hospital and in the community, and also have experience in IT.
Present Role
My current role is to provide support services and Information Analysis to assist the medical practices and PHO members in Northland. I also provide IT support to the Manaia Health PHO staff.
I have been with Manaia since March 2007 and I really enjoy my role. The team here are so family-focused and this is so prominently displayed in their collaborative work ethic striving toward a common goal - namely to improve the health of our people here in Northland.
Phone:    09 438 1015
DDI:         09 438 7526
Fax:         09 438 3210