Mental Health

The Northland PHO’s were successful in securing funding for a regional primary mental health care strategy that has the following broad objectives:

  • To improve the identification, treatment and support for people with mental health and addiction issues in the primary care setting.
  • To provide better follow up and coordination for people with mental health and addiction issues in Northland.
  • To promote better understanding and prevention of mental health and addiction issues in Northland.

This project promotes an integrated regional model for Northland that consists of:

  1. the development of new practitioner role/s that focus on the care of people with mild-moderate mental health issues
  2. development of a relapse prevention service for people living with long-term mental health problems who can be managed in the primary health care setting
  3. ensuring a well prepared primary health care workforce;
  4. the development of a tailored information technological package;
  5. subsidised counselling;
  6. therapeutic recreation

All of these components except the therapeutic recreation role impact upon Manaia Health PHO. A regional mental health governance committee has been established to provide clinical advice and support for this project.

Manaia Health PHO employs a mental health care nurse to support the promotion of mental health and provision of mental health care in primary practice for the enrolled population of Manaia PHO

Subsidised Counselling packages consisting of up to 5 counselling sessions are available for clients who are not eligible for other forms of counselling – the co-ordinators manage this process.

Manaia Health’s Professional Development and Quality Facilitator, in collaboration with others, is managing the implementation of mental health workforce development for Manaia PHO

The IT component of the mental health project is managed by Te Tai Tokerau PHO and steady progress has been made in developing the data base for use by the mental health co-ordinators employed across Northland. This data base enables timely and direct communication to occur between the co-ordinators and General Practitioners, as well as the collection and collation of quantitative information regarding service provision.  An electronic referral system is currently under development.